Hyaluronic Mesotherapy


What is hyaluronic mesotherapy? How does it work?

Mesotherapy of hyaluronic is an effective non-surgical treatment used to improve the texture of the skin, the fine wrinkles and scars (e.g acne scars) in the face and neck area. It is called mesotherapy as hyaluronic is distributed into the mesoderma i.e second layer of the skin. Hyaluronic is a substance that is present normally in our skin and has the property to absorb molecules of water. Hyaluronic   works like a sponge to the molecules of water. This property of the hyaluronic gives after treatment the result the face looking more fresh and youthful. Hyaluronic acid creams unfortunately do not help because hyaluronic is a large molecule and cannot penetrate deep into the skin unless is performed in the form of a mesotherapy.

In what areas mesotherapy of hyaluronic can be used?

Mesotherapy of hyaluronic can be applied at any area of the skin that requires improvement of the skin texture, fine wrinkles or scars of the skin. The most common areas that hyaluronic mesotherapy is used are:

  • In the face and neck area (V of the neck) –as a treatment for skin glowing and improvement of the fine wrinkles around the eye and mouth areas
  • In acne scars
  • In scars after burns and road accidents
  • In fine wrinkles in the hands

Hyaluronic mesotherapy can be used as a treatment in males and females over the age of 18 and patients should be under any blood thinning medication.

What results are expected after mesotherapy with hyaluronic?

Mesotherapy with hyaluronic is an effective, non-surgical treatment that improves significantly the texture of the skin, the fine wrinkles in the face area and acne scars. In order the treatment to be effective and have permanent results at least three consecutive treatments must be performed even though effectiveness in clinically apparent from the first session. Patients after the first session have a more youthful appearance, the face is refreshed as fine wrinkles are reduced and scars become more smoothened. Sessions are usually repeated every 3-4 weeks but this can vary according to the condition, quality of the skin, age, gender, location and extend of the condition. Of course hyaluronic acid mesotherapy does not replace botox or face lift. During treatment with hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, patients are advised to increased consumption of water intake, follow a healthy diet and abstain from smoking.

How is hyaluronic acid mesotherapy performed?

The process of hyaluronic acid mesotherapy involves administration of hyaluronic into the mesoderma i.e skin, fat and connective tissue. The area to be treated, firstly is cleaned with antiseptic and local anaesthetic cream is applied. After the area is numbed Dr Sakka uses a fine needle (the thickness of a hair) to administrated the hyaluronic. The process only lasts for a few minutes (5-10). Directly after treatment patients can resume back to everyday activities.


Are there any side effects from hyaluronic acid mesotherapy?

Side effects from hyaluronic acid mesotherapy are extremely rare to occur. Possible side effects include:


  • Pain during administration of hyaluronic -all treatments’ that involve injections can cause this side effect and Dr Sakka uses local anaesthetic to minimize pain.
  • Bruise -all treatments’ that involve injections can cause this side effect and appears most commonly in patients that have a tendency to develop bruises. If bruises appear usually they can be easily covered with make-up.
  • Hyaluronic mesotherapy is an extremely safe treatment and is extremely rare for a patient to develop allergy