Botox for Wrinkles



Botox (other brand named Dysport, Vistabel etc) is the most popular treatment in the world for treating wrinkles. The reason is that botox is an easy, quick, very effective and extremely safe for treating wrinkles. After using botox the face has a more youthful appearance, looks refreshed because wrinkles are smoothened.

Botox is used in the medical world for decades and in specific since the 60’s that was initially used in ophthalmology for spasm of the eyelids and strabismus. Since the 90’s is being used in Dermatology for treating wrinkles. In our days botox is used widely in the medical world for various diseases such as chronic migraines, spasms of the lower limps, urinary incontinence, gastroparesis etc. The amounts used in dermatology for wrinkles is up to 10 times smaller compared to other specialities making it extremely safe for use.

How is the treatment of botox performed?

Treatment with botox lasts only for a few minutes and is performed with the use of small injections. The process is very quick and with the use of local anaesthetic is an almost painless. After treatment patients can return immediately on their daily activities because treatment with botox is not visible.

What are the most frequent areas botox is used for treating wrinkles?

The most common areas that botox is used for wrinkles is:

  • The horizontal wrinkles of the forehead
  • Wrinkles between eyebrows (glabella area)
  • Wrinkles at the side of the eyes (Crow’s feet)

Botox can be used as a treatment for wrinkles in other areas such as around the mouth (smoker’s wrinkles), in the neck area, chin, cheeks, chest, nasolabial area and other areas that wrinkles are caused by dynamic movement –wrinkles caused by movement and expression.

How does botox work?

Botox works by reducing the muscle contraction that forms dynamic wrinkles- i.e wrinkles that are created by excessive movement of the muscles. At the same time botox works as a preventative method in younger patients because when botox is performed in small amounts in superficial wrinkles it is prevented not to form deeper wrinkles.

When can I see the results of botox?

The results of botox does not appear instantly but gradually over a period of a few days. Usually after 3-4 days reduction of the wrinkles becomes obvious and the maximum result of botox is after 10-14 days. At day 14 , the facial area appears more youthful and refreshed. The result of botox remains stable for 4-6 months on an average. After 6 months the action of botox is fully reversible and wrinkles return to their original shape prior to treatment.

How often do I need  to have botox treatments? Do I need to repeat it for ever?

Botox is a treatment that needs to be performed once or twice per year- this depends on many variables such as age, quality of the skin, quality of each person’s wrinkle. Treatment only lasts for a few minutes (2-3 min). If a person does not wish to continue botox treatment they simply do not have to! After treatment wrinkles will return to their original form.

Are there any side effects when having botox treatments?

Botox is considered to be an extremely safe treatment and botox is used in different specialities over the last decades in medicine for various purposes. In Dermatology and particularly for the treatment of wrinkles botox is used for many years and as a result dermatologists are familiar when using botox in order to achieve reduction of facial wrinkles without causing any possible side effects.  Even thought botox is very safe treatment, it is extremely important to be used by qualified doctors that are trained and are specialized in Cosmetic Dermatology.

Possible side effects of botox used for wrinkles are:

  • In a small percentage of patients a mild bruise can appear at the side botox was injected ( the bruise can usually be covered by make-up)
  • In a small percentage of patients a feeling of ‘heaviness’ can appear if botox is used in the forehead. This heaviness might last for 1-2 weeks.
  • In rare cases botox in the eye are can cause ptosis of the eyelids ( can be treated with eye-drops and is a fully reversible treatment)
  • It is very important to emphasise that ALL side effects caused by botox are fully reversible . All the rare side effects that botox might cause are diminished compared to by the benefits of botox.


At what age botox can be performed?

Botox can be performed at any given age, if signs of wrinkles are already present. The presence of wrinkles is not always related to age but factors such as excessive exposure to the sun, the quality of the skin, environmental factors such as pollution and genetics can all influence skin quality and wrinkles can start to appear at an earlier age.

In younger age group, botox treatment is performed in smaller amounts and this is called baby-botox. Also in younger population botox is administrated in small amounts in order to superficial wrinkles disappear and this method is used for prevention so that small wrinkles do not worsen with time.


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