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Laser Hair Removal - Sakka Dermatologist

Laser Hair Removal

How does laser hair removal works?

Laser hair removal using alexandrite is a method of permanent hair removal. Alexandrite laser is the most effective laser hair removal compared to ANY other method of hair removal such as IPL (intense pulse light/photolysis), diode laser, waxing, electrolysis or shaving.

In our dermatology cosmetic centre we use the most up to date laser hair removal machine and latest generation Alexandrite machine – the Candela Alexandrite PRO- which is considered worldwide to be the most effective laser for hair removal. With the latest laser machine that we use – Candela Alexandrite Pro – fewer sessions are required to achieve permanent hair removal and is a faster, less painful laser hair removal machine that results to more quick, permanent and impressive results.

The candela alexandrite PRO laser emits a wavelength of 755nm (755 nm wavelength is within the suns spectrum) that is absorbed selectively from the hair melanin so that there will be selective thermal destruction of the hair root without affecting the surrounding tissues. This is called selective photothermolysis and this is the basic principle of an alexandrite laser hair removal machine.

In what areas laser hair removal can be performed?

Laser hair removal can be applied in any body surface that there is unwanted hair growth. Males and females can have laser hair removal at any area of their body. Most common areas for women are legs, arms, face, bikini, back and abdominal area. In males, the most common areas are the chest the back, beard area, legs, underarms and genital area.
When should someone have laser hair removal?

In cases of ingrowing hairs that result to spots formation and permanent discoloration of the skin- laser treatment is the only treatment that can resolve this unwanted problem
In patients that have a history of condylomas (in the genital area) or pappilomas (underarms or genital area) should perform laser hair removal treatments in order to reduce the risk of transmission.

Patients with a history of a coccyx cyst (cyst at the bottom of the tailbone) must have laser hair removal treatments because coccyx cysts are formed by ingrowing hairs in the area. Hairs should be removed so that repeated episodes do not occur.

In cases of skin irritations or dermatitis cause during waxing or hair removal creams , laser hair removal is the best method for removing excess hair growth.

In laser safe? Does it cause any side effects?

Our laser hair removal used in our Dermatology Cosmetic Center – the Candela Alexandrite PRO- is approved by FDA – FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration and is a USA national organization that is responsible for protecting and assuring the public health that medical devices intended for human use are safe and effective.
Alexandrite Laser emits in 755 nm, and this wavelength lies within the sun spectrum and can be used in any skin surface of the skin that has excess hair growth. Alexandrite laser works only on skin melanin and does not any effect in any other structure of the body such as lymph nodes or breast tissue. The only organ that laser alexandrite laser should be avoided are the eyes and in our centre we use during treatments special protection glasses to avoid ant exposure.

Older generation laser alexandrite’s machines were not able to be used during summer season and could of caused burns but the latest generation laser alexandrite machine that we use in our centre the variable pulse can be adapted and laser can be used during summer season.

Laser hair removal using Candela Alexandrite PRO in our centre-Results

The results of laser hairs in our centre are permanent and impressive. The hair reduction observed from the first session does not compare to any other method of hair removal. From even the first session there is a drastic reduction of the hairs (an average of 70% reduction during the first session). In addition the remaining hairs become softer and lighter in colour. Laser hair removal using the Candela Alexandrite PRO is the only method/treatment that results in leaving the skin surface soft and smooth without irritations or spots (folliculitis- cause frequently by waxing) or skin discoloration.

After having a treatment with the Candela Alexandrite PRO in our centre, results lasts for weeks even from the first session. In addition in our centre we have a FREE follow-up treatment at 3 weeks’ time to ensure that ALL have been removed.

Results of laser alexandrite can vary based on the following factors: the colour of the hair ( the darker the better), colour of the skin  (the lighter the better), the supervising doctor and mainly the type of the laser used. Other factors that may influence results is the location (e.g underarms and bikini area respond quicker to treatments) , hormonal imbalances( e.g. female patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome require more sessions) and gender (e.g female patients have quicker permanent results compared to male patients because of higher circulating testosterone levels).


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