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Δρ. Νικόλ Σακκά - Sakka Dermatologist

Δρ. Νικόλ Σακκά


Nicole Sakka MD

Curriculum Vitae


  • Medical Degree (MD): University of Crete, Greece 29/07/2007 (Merit)
  • Consultant Dermatologist-Venereologist (TitlosEidikotitas) and board exams: University of Athens, Greece 29/12/13 (honours)
  • Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology, Queen Mary-Barts University of  Medicine London 21/07/11 (distinction)



  • Title: Complete cure rate and efficacy of terbinafine in onychomycotic nails. 6th Trends in Medical Mycology Conferece. 11-14 October 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Title: Superficial Mycoses, an update on current trends. Israeli Society of Dermato-Mycological and Nail Disorders, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 16-18 December 2013
  • Title: Sweet’s syndrome in infants: Case Report and review of the literature.
  • 19th European Conference of Dermatology and Venerology, 6th -10th October, 2010, Sweden
  • Title: Pena-Shoiker Syndrome type 1, National Greek Medicine Conference for Junior Doctors ,19th-21st April 2007, Hilton Hotel, Athens, Greece


Numerous hospital presentations to senior dermatology team staff and junior medical students on regular basis. Below are some indicative presentations during the course of time:

  • Title:Dermatosurgery, Woman in Surgery, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Feb 2010
  • Title: Pemphigus versus Bullous Pemphigoid, Ground Round in Medicine, Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Hospital, UK, Sep 08
  • Title: Adison’s Disease, presentation at Grand Round, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Oct 09
  • Title: Treatment Acute Pancreatitis, Resent developments, Department of Surgery,Grand Round, University Hospital Crete, Greece, May 06


Title: Surgical Management of Incompletely Excised Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

During my Dermatology post I had sessions of Dermatosugery which involved BCC excision. Following some cases of incomplete excision I did a literature review to find guidelines of what the ideal excision margin should be. The British Association of Dermatologist recommends that when re-excising BCCs the surgical margin must be wide enough to completely remove the tumour. There are no set guidelines for the management of incompletely excised BCC and by doing a literature review I derived that the histological margin should be 4mm both laterally and deep to have a 95% clinical clearance and that was set as the standard. Thus I collected retrospective data from departmental incompletely excised BCCs over a 4 month period, I designed a proforma, reviewed the surgical notes and analysed the data. The results revealed that initially, when the clinical margin was set at 4mm that resulted in a histological mean lateral margin of 3.2mm and mean deep margin of 2.3mm, thus achieving a 65% clinical clearance. Recommendations were made for increasing the clinical margin, excising more subcutanenous tissue and being more aggressive in areas such as the face. Re-auditing after 4 months showed that when re-excising with a 5mm clinical margin, that improved the histological mean lateral margin to 4.4mm and the mean deep margin to 4.5mm, thus achieving a 100% clinical clearance. I presented this audit at the local Cancer MDT meeting in October 2011. Tel Hashomer Hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • Greek: Mother tongue
  • English: Extremely Fluent
  • Hebrew: Fluent
  • French: Fair

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